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     Mrs. Fearnow's Brand


Lillie Pearland  and George  
Nelson Fearnow came to Mechanicsville, Virginia in 1919 from West Virginia. Lillie always had a pot of Brunswick stew brewing for kinfolk visiting from across the mountains.

Lillie Fearnow soon started to enter her stew at the State Fair. She won blue ribbons and found herself packing jars for the food departments in several local department stores. 

By 1946 her two sons joined in establishing her cottage industry into a full  time business. Mrs. Fearnow was one of the "Greatest Generation," the ones who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to survive. She worked with family members to provide extra money by selling stew during the Depression.

The business quickly grew to be too
much for the family kitchen so they purchased a second farm and cannery  in Hanover to harvest 
vegetables. The property was named " Hope Farm ".The stew, found in a bright yellow can in the canned meat section of many grocery stores, is a tasty, stick to your ribs recipe, of tender chicken,
potatoes, tomatoes,  butter beans, onions, corn, carrots, parsley, special seasonings and spices. 

The delicious Mrs.Fearnow's brand is now owned by Bost Distributing Company, Inc. ~ Sanford, NC.

 Mrs. Fearnow's Black - eyed Peas and Stewed Tomatoes  A year round favorite and a southern tradition to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's day to bring "good luck" in the New  Year. Seasoned with ham. Very tasty.


Old southern family "blue ribbon" winning recipe, a taste that is sure to please. Order online or purchase in your favorite grocery store. Can't find this fine food product in your area, download our product request form and give to the grocery store manager. Click on "retail locations" tab to download request form.   Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew made in the U.S.A. Special recipe of  chicken, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, carrots, and Lima beans. Meets the need for home meal solutions. Excellent storm preparedness item and excellent value for “not from scratch” cooking. A true “Southern Style” recipe. Great for camping, tail gaiting, and a quick meal before the Friday night high school football game. Great value, Great taste.